Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Room: A Work in Progress

At the beginning of the year I moved into a rented room in a cute 3 bedroom house and have slowly been decorating it.  This will be my third rented place in three years, but the first I've actually taken the time (and energy) to really paint and decorate and make mine.  It's a work in progress, but I am very happy with it so far!

Here are a few "before" shots, taken with my (not so fancy) iPhone.

Don't you dig that creamy beige?!!?  I wasn't much of a fan so I was dumb brave and chose a paint color without even painting a swatch of it first!  Thank goodness I loved it.

The lighting isn't so great, and I'm an awful photographer, but you get the idea.  I am obsessed with my striped accent wall and must give a special shout out to Frog Tape for helping me with those crisp lines!  These pictures were taken a few weeks ago.  You'll notice those chicken wire frames have since been DIY'ed into a jewelry display and Vegas is now only TWO days away!! Woot Woot!!

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