Friday, April 5, 2013

Notes for My Future Husband

I know that I am nowhere near having a husband, but I thought that for his sake, whoever he may be, I should probably start taking down some notes that could be of use to him one day.  I like to think that I am a pretty level headed person who doesn’t lose their cool all that often.  However, I am a woman which means I’m still susceptible to bouts of “cray cray”.
I don’t have a list of perfect traits for a husband hidden away in a frilly decoupage box on the top shelf of my closet, but I do like to think that he’ll be the kind of man who plans ahead.  And I’m not talking about booking a romantic getaway just because, or sending me to the spa when I’ve had a stressful week.  Those things sound amazing and I would be grateful, but I’m talking about an entirely different beast.
A man will never truly comprehend what happens to a woman when she’s being visited by Aunt Flo.  We just want to cuddle, then we want you the hell out of the house, and then we want a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a bottle of wine!  Sometimes there is no “right thing” that can be done…the poor bastards.  This is where The Period Store comes into the picture.
Created by angles from above, Ashley and Rubi, The Period Store is a delivery service for that time of the month.  The package choices are fun, adorable, and affordable.  The Treats package includes chocolate, an inspirational art print, meds, and tea for only $15 a month.  Or you can choose to include one, two, or three products (tampons, pads, sea sponges, etc.) in addition to your treats for $20-$30 and the shipping is always free!  Any quick thinking man will realize this saves him from the awkwardness of standing in line at CVS with a box of tampons and a case of beer as a diversion.
Although this might take a little bit of detective work done by my future husband, as you also need to tell them when you are expecting your cycle, if he’s smart, he’ll recruit my sister to obtain such classified information.  What a happy wife my hubby will have when I’m surprised by a mysterious package at the doorstep full of glorious amenities!  And if he is really good, he’ll also bump that chick flick he’s been secretly demoting up to the top of the Netflix queue just in time for my Friday night on the couch.  Love you, honey!

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