Sunday, April 7, 2013

Who, Me?

Writing about my dating antics is a fairly new hobby for me.  I'm still getting over the shock that people think I'm funny.  I love being featured on my beautiful friend Summer's website More Design Please and hope that I continue to find inspiration for my writings!  As long as there are bad dates, boyfriend woes, and embarassing moments, I'm sure I'll have nothing to worry about.

I was so excited when another one of my lovely and talented friends (I do have many) emailed me about her newest endeavor.  She knows I've dabbled in the world of online dating and asked me to share some of my stories for a webseries she's creating!  I told her yes, of course...I just hope my stories are interesting enough.  I'm meeting up with her today and can't wait to share more updates as they come up.

New Adventures by Kelli Murray

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