Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weekend Projects!

I love a good weekend project as much as the next girl, but my weekends have been booked full lately!  I'm not complaining...they've been awesomely fun (yes, I just said "awesomely" with it) but our apartment is not quite complete and we definitely need a few more chairs around the kitchen table.

My incredible deal-finder of a roommate Craigslisted this slightly used DOCKSTA Table and two URBAN Chairs for a mere $35 just a short drive away from our place!  We tipped the guy $5 for hauling all three pieces downstairs and helping us pack them into our tiny Los Angeles-sized cars like a life size game of Tetris.  If you're not as well-versed in the IKEA Catalog as we are...that's a retail value of $279.97 for just $40, Bob.  Cue the happy dance!

We're trying to figure out how to introduce a small, but standout pattern into our mostly neutral white and gold palette and maybe something like these DIY folding chairs will do the trick.  Featured on Poppytalk's 10 Summery Weekend Projects these Drab to Fab Folding Chairs are to die for!  I mean, come on...burlap with gold polka dots!?  See the full DIY's on Whipperberry and My Fabuless Life.

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